Each day that Congresswoman Matsui serves as Sacramento’s Representative, she is working to push the economy forward for American families. The Congresswoman has championed making targeted investments in areas that will grow the economy and create high-paying jobs: clean energy, education, health care and infrastructure.

Due to policies enacted by the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats, the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 2008, businesses have added millions of jobs, and our economy has experienced an unprecedented number of consecutive months of growth in private sector job creation. In California alone, over 1.5 million net private sector jobs have been added and the unemployment rate has gone down 6.5 percent since the recession. But more work remains to strengthen this growth and ensure the economy benefits working families.

In order to continue to spur economic growth and create high-wage private-sector jobs in the United States, House Democrats have led the “Make It in America” initiative Launched as the economy was still working to recover from the Great Recession, this jobs plan focused on what could be done, on a bipartisan basis, to expand America’s manufacturing sector quickly and over the long term. This included investments in promoting innovation and research, creating connections between educators and employers, and rebuilding or expanding infrastructure to move goods to market more efficiently. Since 2010, sixteen Make It in America bills have been signed into law. For a full list of Make It In America enacted laws, click here.

The Congresswoman has joined with her Democratic Women’s Working Group (DWWG) colleagues to promote the Women’s Economic Agenda, which is grounded in the knowledge that when women succeed, America succeeds.

As we strive to build and strengthen our economy, Congresswoman Matsui is committed to continue fighting to keep Sacramento a wonderful place to work, live and play.