Enacting policies that assist in our ongoing efforts to reverse the effects of a changing climate, while protecting our air, water, lands, oceans, and wildlife remains a priority of the Congresswoman’s. Throughout America’s history, we have often been presented the challenge of protecting and preserving the environment while maintaining growth and responsible industrial progress.  The Congresswoman believes that today, we can do both.

A great deal of debate continues around environmental regulations in Congress.  In August 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the first ever carbon pollution standards for new power plants, called the Clean Power Plan. Previously, there were no limits to the amount of carbon pollution that power plants could emit. The Congresswoman supports these new standards, which reflect ongoing trends in the power sector to build cleaner plants and use American made clean energy technologies. California strongly supports the Clean Power Plan, and the Congresswoman is pleased that our state is well on its way to going beyond the plan’s requirements, recently enacting legislation that requires California generate half of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

The Congresswoman is also a strong proponent for sensible conservation efforts that would protect our diverse environmental legacy.  From our vast oceans to our precious national parks, all aspects of our environment must be considered.  The Congresswoman believes we must not only protect these lands for native wildlife, but also because they provide vital outdoor opportunities for Americans.

The Congresswoman will continue working to uphold environmental regulations, protect wildlife sanctuaries, and to improve the quality of our air and water for future generations.