With Historic Sit-In on House Floor, Congresswoman Matsui Calls for Action on Gun Violence

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Washington, DC, June 23, 2016 | comments
Contact: Lauren Dart
With Historic Sit-In on House Floor, Congresswoman Matsui
Calls for Action on Gun Violence
Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-06) joined Democrats’ historic sit-in on the House Floor to protest House Republicans’ refusal to allow a vote on bipartisan legislation to address gun violence. 
Following the sit-in, Congresswoman Matsui released the following statement:
“In the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in the history of our nation, in the wake of the senseless bloodshed that came before it, and in the face of the violence that continues to happen on our streets, Americans are standing together across our country and demanding action on gun violence.
“We sat-in on the House floor to stand up against Republican inaction. We were asking for a vote on common sense, bipartisan gun violence prevention legislation.
“As I was sitting in, people from all across Sacramento were calling in to my office, many times in tears and full of emotion, sharing their stories, saying they have had enough of the bloodshed. I want you to know that we heard you. 
“Yet, in the midst of our “No Bill, No Break” sit-in, Republican leaders adjourned the House without the vote we were calling for. But they will not silence our voices.
“I still have hope. When I joined my hero, Congressman John Lewis, my Democratic colleagues, and the American people in front of the U.S. Capitol steps, we committed to long term work on gun violence. I know that with all of you behind us, we will overcome violence with action. We will disarm the hate. We will save lives. 
“There are immediate steps that we can take to prevent guns from ending up in the wrong hands. We should be voting on bipartisan legislation that would close the indefensible loophole that allows suspected terrorists to purchase deadly weapons in our country. If you’re too dangerous to fly, then you’re too dangerous to buy a gun. And, we should be strengthening and expanding our background check system.
“Gun violence has become all too familiar in our communities.  Lives are on the line, and it is past time that we respond with action. I will keep up the fight in Congress, but I need you with me. Every voice calling for reform matters.”
House Democrats sat-in on the House Floor to demand that House Republicans allow an immediate vote on bipartisan, commonsense gun violence prevention legislation to help keep guns out of dangerous hands, with two bills:
•                    The bipartisan King-Thompson legislation to expand and strengthen our background check system;
•                    The bipartisan ‘No Fly, No Buy’ bill to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists. 
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