Rep. Doris Matsui Announces $200,000 to Advance Solar Energy Sacramento Named One of 12 Solar Ameri

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Washington, DC, March 28, 2008 | comments
Rep. Doris Matsui Announces $200,000 to Advance Solar Energy
Sacramento Named One of 12 Solar America Cities
Sacramento, CA - Today, Rep. Doris Matsui (CA-05) announced that Sacramento will receive $200,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to advance solar technologies city-wide. Sacramento is one of just 12 cities named a Solar American City.  

Sacramento was chosen because of its commitment to a comprehensive approach to the deployment of solar technologies. Combined with industry contributions and local funding, total investment in the 12 cities will total $12 million.


“Here in Sacramento, we are a leader in developing new, more efficient energy technologies. We know how important it is to invest in innovative energy initiatives now, so that we will have a better Sacramento tomorrow,” said Rep. Matsui.


Rep. Matsui alerted local affiliates of the grant program, and wrote a letter of support to the DOE on behalf of the city.


“It is our aim to be the nation’s most sustainable city, and this grant from the DOE will help us achieve that goal. Were it not for Congresswoman Matsui making us aware of this opportunity, we wouldn’t have had the chance to apply for this grant. I appreciate her involvement in our community, and her support in our endeavors,” said Jim Rinehart, Economic Development Manager for the City of Sacramento.


The City of Sacramento’s Sacramento Solar Access initiative will help implement a comprehensive approach to addressing key barriers facing the promotion of solar technology in our region.  The City’s efforts in educating consumers, making solar products affordable, supporting research and development, and creating a well qualified solar installation workforce will help grow the market for solar technology and contribute to greater use of solar technology.


Sacramento’s Solar Access program will focus on incentives to attract clean industry businesses to the heart of the city’s industrial sector, while promoting the research and development of emerging solar technologies.  With business expansions, the effort will foster economic vitality for the region by creating an increased job market. 


“I congratulate Mayor Fargo, Jim Reinhart, and all of the local partners who did the groundwork to bring these federal funds to Sacramento. Their hard work will ensure that in the future, we will have energy that is clean, abundant, and affordable,” said Rep. Matsui.



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