Rep. Doris Matsui Hails Democratic Budget Renews Commitment to Rebuilding for America’s Future

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Washington, DC, March 12, 2008 | comments
Rep. Doris Matsui Hails Democratic Budget
Renews Commitment to Rebuilding for America’s Future
Today, Rep. Doris Matsui (CA-05) voted for and hailed passage of the Democratic budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2009. The budget rejects the President’s deep cuts to vital services, and invests in the future prosperity and health of the United States.  

“The budget we passed today reflects a new path forward for our country. It invests in the economic future of our country, and provides funding for the services and programs that hard-working Americans count on,” said Rep. Matsui.


When President Bush took office, the Congressional Budget Office had projected that there would be a $600 billion budget surplus this year. Over the course of this Administration, that projected surplus has turned into a $400 billion deficit. The President’s budget proposal released last month failed to balance or reverse the deficit.


The Democratic budget proposal will balance in 2012 and adheres to pay-as-you-go principles. Under these rules, all mandatory spending must be offset. The budget also provides protection for hard-working Americans from the Alternative Minimum Tax, which otherwise could affect millions of middle-class citizens that it was never intended to target.


The Democratic budget invests in key domestic initiatives, including:

  • Funding for the American COMPETES Act to enhance competitiveness in the global market
  • Funding for renewable energy programs, putting the country on the track to energy independence
  • Funding for infrastructure projects, including highways, water and rail systems
  • Funding for children’s health care to cover millions of uninsured children
  • Increased funding for veterans’ services to accommodate for inflation, and allow the VA to treat 5.8 million patients in 2009, including over 300,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans
 “While the President is playing political games with his budget and funneling more money and American jobs overseas, the Democratic budget reflects what the American people want: a balanced budget that invests in our prosperity and security here at home,” said Rep. Matsui.    


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