KCRA: Wanted: Architects to redesign aging West Sacramento bridge


Two cities, connected by an aging bridge over a powerful river, are moving closer toward a major new transportation hub.

The iconic I Street Bridge that links Sacramento and West Sacramento is scheduled to be replaced with a new bridge. The original bridge first opened in 1911.

Many drivers said they find the drive in ultra-thin car lanes on the bridge to be scary.

"As an older person, you know I want to be in the middle of the lane,” West Sacramento resident Steve Roberts said. “But sometimes, it's so thin that you're afraid you might either hit the car next to you or you might hit the bridge."

Architects are now being recruited by the city of Sacramento to design a new bridge with a very different focus.

“It's being designed with pedestrians and bicyclists first,” West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon said. “And then also with cars and potentially with a street car line over it into the future."


It will take two years to design the bridge and two more years after that to build it.

“This bridge is about $160 million in our estimate,” Cabaldon said. "Most of which -- something like 80 percent to 85 percent of which -- is going to be paid for by grants from the federal government as part of a bridge replacement program.”

West Sacramento and Sacramento will each kick in between $10 million and $20 million for the new bridge, but the federal funding was secured with help from Sacramento Rep. Doris Matsui.

“Sacramento and West Sacramento have a once in a lifetime opportunity to act boldly to create an iconic bridge that will further knit together our two great cities,” Matsui said.

The idea is to bring more travel, more commerce and more connections between the two river partners.

"In order for folks to just walk across and grab a cup of coffee on the other side or see a movie or whatever and really enjoy everything that the new waterfront has to offer,” Cabaldon said.

The new I Street Bridge, when completed in 2022, will be located a little north of its current location along C Street in West Sacramento. Instead of connecting to Sacramento’s J Street, it will take drivers and bicyclists to the Railyards, located just north of downtown.

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