Sacramento Bee: ‘No prouder place for him to lend his name’: Rep. Matsui honors husband at courthouse event

To Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, there was “no prouder place” for her husband to leave his mark than the Robert T. Matsui United States Courthouse.

“It’s a fitting tribute to my late husband who was committed to Sacramento and equal justice under the law,” she told a room of more than 100 people at the courthouse’s 20th anniversary celebration Thursday night.

The courthouse was unveiled in 1999 with 16 floors, 32 courtrooms and a 300-car parking garage, according to a handout from the event. It was not originally named after the late congressman, however. In 2005, it was dedicated to former Rep. Matsui after he died.

At Thursday’s event, Rep. Matsui spoke about her husband’s nearly 33 years of public service and the legacy he left behind.

“Bob truly felt honored and privileged that Sacramento placed their trust and futures in his hands by electing him to Congress,” she said. “And in return, Bob was devoted to this city and region.”

Rep. Matsui described her husband’s loyalty to Sacramento, explaining that he never lost sight of the city while in Washington, D.C., and always made decisions with his hometown in mind.

At the end of her speech, she encouraged everyone to take part in the political system.

“It is on everyone to be citizens that play a role in bettering our civil society: vote, serve on juries, stay informed and stay engaged,” she said. “ I know Bob did.”

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