Matsui Issues Statement on Biden's Proposal to Reinstate CA Waiver on Tailpipe Emission Standards

Under the Biden Administration’s proposal to restore states’ power to enact stronger than federal clean vehicle standards, California can continue to lead the way on climate solutions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-06), issued the following statement following President Biden’s action to restore states’ authority, contained in the Clean Air Act, to set standards stronger than federal vehicle pollution standards. 

This announcement from the White House comes on the heels of President Biden’s unveiling of the American Jobs Plan, which will invest $620 billion to repair and transform America’s transportation infrastructure, including a targeted $174 billion in American EV manufacturing, which has huge potential to generate millions of jobs and revitalize the economy. 

“Earlier this week, the Biden Administration sent a clear signal to the nation that allowing our states to set ambitious vehicle emission standards will be key to establishing bold federal policies to combat the climate crisis and decrease air pollution.” said Congresswoman Matsui. “In California, we have long realized the need to act, and that is why we have continuously led the way in developing the gold standard for emissions. The state’s waiver has been a key driver to advance clean transportation technologies and ramp up the deployment of zero-emission electric vehicles. It also saves consumers money at the pump and protects our communities’ health.”

“During the Obama Administration, California’s vehicle emission standards offered a blueprint for ambitious federal tailpipe emission and fuel economy standards, which served as one of the most consequential tools to curb transportation emissions – the largest source of U.S. carbon pollution,” Matsui continued. “Further, thanks to California’s leadership, 13 other states have set their own vehicle emission standards. Reinstituting the waiver and re-establishing states’ authority to set tailpipe emissions standards reaffirms a commitment to U.S. leadership in climate policies and clean transportation moving into the future.”

Congresswoman Matsui has long been a champion of bold climate action and the adoption of ambitious vehicle emission standards. Late last month, she led a letter with 70 of her colleagues urging the Biden Administration to take action to reinstate California’s Clean Air Act waiver and restore the Obama-Biden tailpipe emission and fuel economy standards. She is also the author of the Clean and Efficient Cars Act, a bill that would codify the Obama-Biden standards which were rolled back during the Trump Administration.

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