WASHINGTON, D.C., September 29, 2021 | George Hatamiya (916-201-5412)

 WASHINGTON, D.C.Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-06) and Congressman Mike Doyle (PA-18) have introduced the Spectrum Innovation Act, legislation that would free up new airwaves for wireless broadband use by the public.

“For the United States to remain the pacesetter in wireless broadband, we must continue to ensure innovators have a reliable spectrum pipeline,” said Congresswoman Matsui. “We stand at a pivotal moment in the development and deployment of next generation networks; the Spectrum Innovation Act will unleash the economic potential of this valuable mid-band spectrum and give us the tools necessary to meet the communications challenges of tomorrow.”

“Not just our economy but our entire society depends on mobile broadband today,” said Congressman Doyle. “Consequently, it’s essential to make as much spectrum as possible available for improved broadband service for consumers and to promote new, innovative uses of our airwaves. The Spectrum Innovation Act would do both.” 

The Spectrum Innovation Act would free-up new airwaves for wireless broadband use for the public, which means faster speeds and more responsive networks for consumers. In addition to up to 200 megahertz of spectrum auctioned for mobile broadband, this bill will help usher in new, innovative wireless uses through opportunistic and other flexible spectrum uses.

“I thank Representatives Doyle and Matsui for introducing the Spectrum Innovation Act of 2021, which will help maximize the use of mid-band spectrum,” said Steven K. Berry, the President & CEO of Competitive Carriers Association. “Mid-band spectrum provides tremendous opportunities for carriers to build out and enhance their networks for the benefit of consumers, and access to this invaluable resource is particularly important to bring connectivity to rural areas.  I thank Congressman Doyle for his leadership on this issue and look forward to continued work with Congress to ensure as much spectrum as possible is made available for commercial use.”

Public Knowledge and the Open Technology Institute at New America released the following statement in support of the bill:

“The Spectrum Innovation Act of 2021 will greatly benefit consumers by making a very large band of prime spectrum available to help fuel the world’s most robust 5G wireless ecosystem. We commend Chairman Doyle and Representative Matsui for taking a holistic approach that recognizes the value of making spectrum available both by auction and through shared use by smaller broadband providers, schools, critical infrastructure and literally thousands of individual enterprises on a local basis. This is the policy framework for mid-band spectrum that is most likely to spur 5G competition and innovation, while also ensuring that critical military radar systems can continue to use the band without undue risk of harmful interference.”

“CTIA appreciates Chairman Doyle and Representative Matsui introducing the Spectrum Innovation Act,” said Kelly Cole, CTIA Senior Vice President for Government Affairs. “This legislation makes valued mid-band spectrum available for auction, which is essential to support the continued rollout of robust 5G networks that encourage U.S. innovation and help close the digital divide.”

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