What Are Your Priorities?

Last week, Congress convened the second session of the 112th Congress.

You may recall that a year ago this time, I asked you to tell me your priorities for the new Congress. An overwhelming majority of you let me know that you wanted our focus to be on creating jobs and reducing unemployment.  And, this has remained my top priority.

Now, a year later, our national economy is showing signs of recovery, with unemployment at its lowest rate in three years – 8.5 percent – and 1.6 million jobs created in the past year alone. However, more must be done as unemployment is still unacceptably high in the Sacramento region. We have been hard-hit by the recession, and I will continue working tirelessly to get Sacramentans back to work.

I believe that we have an opportunity to diversify our economy, and develop our growing clean energy and health care industries. That’s why I am advocating that my Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act, which would help clean tech businesses expand and find new markets at home and abroad, be passed into law this session. And I continue working with health care providers to pursue grant opportunities and successfully implement the Affordable Care Act to ensure access to high quality care, and help our health care industry grow and create jobs. With both public and private sector support, I believe that Sacramento is positioned to become a leader in many growing sectors. But, we must act now.

I also believe that the Federal government must continue to invest in our infrastructure needs, and, particularly in Sacramento, in our flood protection. We must finish the levee improvements in Natomas and South Sacramento, and the new spillway at Folsom Dam.  Not only do these projects ensure public safety, but they create much-needed jobs.

I will keep working to advocate legislation that creates jobs, improves health care, promotes clean energy, and invests in infrastructure. But, once again, I want to check on where your priorities are. Please take this quick survey and let me know what issues you want me, and my colleagues in Congress, to focus on during this next session of Congress.
As always, I appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.