Congresswoman Matsui believes that there are enormous opportunities in Sacramento to spur the innovation economy. She has supported policies that ensure multiple sectors of our economy – from health care, to clean energy, to technology – are prospering as the region continues to grow.

With the growth of technology in health care, Congresswoman Matsui has advocated for policies that spur innovation in the telehealth space, while also protecting patients. The Congresswoman has introduced the bipartisan Telehealth Modernization Act to create a workable federal definition for telehealth services, in order to set a common set of principles to guide the establishment and revision of state telehealth laws. She is also a leading member of the bipartisan Energy & Commerce Telehealth Working Group, which is working to advance telehealth policies within the Medicare program.

As Co-Chair of the High Tech Caucus and a member of the Energy & Commerce Communications & Technology Subcommittee, Congresswoman Matsui is working to address the pressing tech issues of today and tomorrow while increasing the accessibility and affordability of communications services. During her time in Congress, the Congresswoman has continuously advocated for policies that allow our wireless economy to grow. As Congresswoman Matsui likes to say, the airwaves, known as spectrum, are the invisible infrastructure of our mobile society. Congresswoman Matsui champions an all of the above approach to improve the efficiency of how we use this finite resource – everything from creating new opportunities for WiFi to improving the way the federal government uses spectrum. For example, the Federal Spectrum Incentive Act of 2015 will ensure consumers can make wireless connections on their smartphones, tablets, and devices now and into the future – and give federal agencies the opportunity to improve their missions. The legislation won unanimous approval from the House Energy & Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee in 2015.

As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Co-Chair of the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), Congresswoman Matsui has made it a top priority to bring clean energy technology to Sacramento and transform the city into a global leader in the sector. From securing a $127.5 million grant for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to modernizing the electric grid through the installation of SmartGrid, to advocating for a California Rural Home Mortgage Finance Authority Homebuyers Fund (CHF) home retrofit loan program, the Congresswoman continues to support forward-thinking clean energy policies that help our economy and the environment.

Legislation authored by Congresswoman Matsui has also been a part of House Democrats “Make It in America” initiative. Launched as the economy was still working to recover from the Great Recession, this jobs plan focused on what could be done, on a bipartisan basis, to expand America’s manufacturing sector quickly and over the long term. This includes investments in promoting innovation and research, creating connections between educators and employers, and rebuilding or expanding infrastructure to move goods to market more efficiently.